Iron Cupcake is a team of husband and wife designers, Tyler and Jessica Nevins. Between us, we've amassed experience working in advertising, marking, and publishing.  He's a Photoshop master.  She's an InDesign guru.  She's Iron.  He's Cupcake.


Tyler knew since tweenhood that he wanted to be a graphic designer, and when he and Jessica met freshmen year in college, he convinced her to come over to the AWESOME side. We graduated together with degrees in design, and have been solving visual problems together ever since.


We live in beautiful Redding, Connecticut, where we raise two beautiful boys, two beautiful dogs, five beautiful chickens, and two not-so-beautiful chickens. The name Iron Cupcake comes from Jessica's love of baking, and Tyler's love of Jessica's baking.

© Iron Cupcake Design.  Some of the work has been created in conjunction with outside agencies, individuals, and companies. All rights reserved.